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  • DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS:In a boost to waste to wealth endeavours ,PM Modi dedicates 2G Ethanol plant in Panipat

In a boost to waste to wealth endeavours ,PM Modi dedicates 2G Ethanol plant in Panipat

Tags: National Economy/Finance

On the occasion of World Biofuel Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the 2nd generation (2G) Ethanol Plant of the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in Panipat, Haryana to the nation on 10th August, 2022 via video conferencing.

The rice straw (parali) is presently considered as waste by the farmers and are burnt in the field after harvesting paddy crops. The Indian Oil Corporation project is to use agricultural residue, rice straw (parali) and convert into valuable biofuel, ethanol.

The Ethanol Project of IOC

  • The 2G Ethanol Plant has been built at an estimated cost of over Rs. 900 crore by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. and is located close to the Panipat Refinery.
  • It will use indigenous technology to convert about 2 lakh tonnes of rice straw (parali) annually to generate around 3 crore litres of Ethanol annually.
  • The parali will be sourced from Haryana, Punjab and Western Uttar Pradesh.

 Significance of the IOC project 

  • The Government of India has set a target of blending 20% ethanol with petrol by 2025-26. Earlier the target was to be achieved by 2030..
  • The major source of ethanol in India is molasses (produced during the production of Sugar from sugarcane). 
  • To meet the increasing demand of ethanol other sources of ethanol were being explored by the government.
  •  This plant of IOC which uses rice straw will not only provide an alternative source of ethanol but will also tackle the problems associated with burning of rice straws by the farmers.

Benefit of the Plant 

The plant will give a boost to the waste to wealth endeavour of the government.

The parali which is considered as waste by the farmers will now be bought by the IOC thus boosting the income of the farmer.

It will promote a clean environment. 

  • The parali is destroyed by the farmer contributing to a massive spike in air pollution in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh during winter. Now the farmers will sell it to the IOC instead of burning it.
  • Through reduction in burning of rice straw (parali), the project will contribute to a reduction of Greenhouse Gasses equivalent to about 3 lakh tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent emissions per annum, which can be understood as equivalent to replacing nearly 63,000 cars annually on the country's roads.
  • The project will have zero liquid discharge.

Employment generation 

The Project will provide direct employment to people involved in the plant operation and indirect employment will be generated in the supply chain for rice straw cutting, handling, storage, etc.

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